About Us


Are you a fan of metallic wall art?  

Pearl and Tan Gecko Wall Art
An elegant gecko can be a great conversation starter!

We are too, especially when it is made of recycled metals along with other sustainable materials.

Creating living and working spaces that work for a healthier planet need not be boring. Most of us don't really want or need tons of art in our homes or businesses (except of course if your business is an art museum) but it is nice to put a piece or two on the wall and make the space uniquely yours.

Our favorites here are in the Define Your Space collection. We especially like

what we refer to as The Tree of Life and The Butterfly Garden.

Sustainably-produced art makes sense on so many levels. It provides those of us who want to live more sustainable lifestyles the means to do so without sacrificing ambience or individuality – and we get to support sustainable artisans in the process!

Thank you for visiting and we hope you will check back often to see new pieces as they are added. You are also invited to visit our parent site, WorkingWonders. WorkingWonders carries all kinds of sustainable products for homes and businesses.